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That time a goat ate my hair..

As I mentioned here, for the past few weeks I've been nannying for a super cool 10-year-old girl. Yesterday we went to the Alameda County Fair (which is awesome) where we saw tiny pigs race, the weirdest feather-footed pigeons, ferris wheels, huge hamster balls for humans on water and a goat. A jerk face goat, to be exact. There were a bunch of girls in front of us trying to take a photo with him because he was standing up on the gate. They kept squealing, giggling nervously and not getting close to him. And I thought, "What's the big deal?" and walked right up to him and posed (see top right picture). Immediately after that photo was snapped, I felt that d-bag grab a chunk of my hair, yank it back and rip the roots right from my head. I whipped around and watched his smug goat-face chew my hair in a circular motion. It was pretty traumatic. So while I'm recovering, I thought I'd let my 10-year-old sidekick take over the blog and answer some vital questions about life, love and goats.

What's your favorite beauty product?
I like my bed head dry shampoo. I like it if I don't want to take a shower for a day. (A girl after my own heart)
What do you think of Chris Brown?
Meh. (**doesn't know about the Rihanna thing)
Can you tell me why the Kardashians are famous?
Cuz they're stupid?
Are most stupid people famous?
A lot, yea.
Do you know who the Spice Girls are?
Kind of..
How do you know if a guy has a crush on you?
If they send you a text every second.
Who is your favorite singer/band?
For a band, Maroon 5 but I like Jason Aldean for a singer.
If you were on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you?
Water, some sort of food and my phone.
Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
Luke Bryan (I feel you, girl.)
Do you have any advice for someone posing in a photo with a goat?
Not to go near it with your hair.
What's the best thing about summer?
No school and you get to sleep in and I like going to Tahoe.
Why is MacKensie the coolest person ever?
Because... hmm, that's a hard one. Because she hangs out with me.
What actress would play you if your life was a movie?
Taylor Swift.
What is the definition of 'swag'?
Secretly We Are Gay. (News to me!)
What's the meaning of life?
To live.


  1. a text every second?! how do these yougin's keep up? #gettingtoooldforthisshit

  2. Hi Lovely... I am your newest follower from Bloglovin Blog Hop. Love your awesome blog!
    Followed you via Bloglovin' & FB. Feel free to follow me @

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  4. Oh my gosh! Your poor hair! Was it a lot of hair to the point of a bald spot??


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