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Self love and stuff

I started getting down on myself. I started that spiral. You know the one. The I'm-so-bloated, I-hate-my-thighs, I'll-never-be-as-stylish-as-her, I-can't-cook-like-that, why-can't-I-be-that-creative ones. The I'm not good enough spiral. It happens more often than I'd like and it often starts with a single photo, post, announcement--the assumption that someone else's life is better, more fulfilling, cooler, more exciting than mine. So I started working out and remembered the entire point of Tone it Up's 'Love your body' series. To love yourself. Sure, it's conveniently ending in February and a play on Valentine's day, but it honestly feels strange typing the words, "love your legs," "love your booty," "love your total body." It shouldn't be weird typing those words. I should love this body that allows me to do all the things I want to do each day.

Then I did a couple workouts from Blogilates and smiled as I read Cassey's articles about positive body image (like this one and this one). It's encouraging knowing these types of role models exist and are so accessible to people dealing with body issues. I think a younger me could have benefitted from some of the things these ladies have to say. That being said, one of the exercises in the Love Your Body series this week was to write down five things you love about yourself, so here goes.

1. My dedication to a healthy lifestyle. I'm certainly not perfect (I take shots out of potentially poisonous dinosaurs, after all..), but I love that I've committed to an active lifestyle in one way or another ever since sophomore year of high school. I even transitioned from microwave meals and Dunkin Donuts bagels every day to cooking real meals that include real vegetables on a regular basis.

2. My ability to adapt. New, potentially crappy situations are scary, but I tend to make the best of them. Even when working as a server after (college) graduation and living with my parents, I had a blast, made new friends and blogged like crazy, of course. Then I moved across the country without a job or a permanent home (terrifying) but I'm making it work and it's been my greatest adventure so far. I even adapted to the devastating realization that my beloved dairy products make me crazy sick. Tragic, I know.

3. My big booty. If you asked me in high school, I would've said I hated it, but I've decided to embrace the donk. It makes jeans shopping nearly impossible, but in the wise words of Sir Mix-a-lot, "I like big butts and I cannot lie."

4. My music obsession. Does this count? I think it should because it makes me really good at playing "One to Nothin'" and it's really fun to help people figure out what that one song that they can't remember the lyrics or melody to was.

5. My sense of adventure. Whether it's trying the weirdest thing on the menu (peanutbutter burger, anyone?), jumping out of the car in NYC to see a last-minute broadway play or just running down a random trail to see where it takes me, I love experiencing new and exciting things.

What do you love about yourself? Really, tell me in the comments! I want to know.

PS: SHAK IS BACK *swoon*


  1. I love how strong willed i am and that im not afraid to stand up for what ibelieve is right.
    Enter my $240 value giveaway :0)

  2. Yay Blogilates! I always go back to that site for workouts and inspiration, she's just so cheerful. Great list! I love that I don't take things too seriously, and can usually muster up optimism in even the crappiest situations.

  3. I have a sign hanging in my office that says, "the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday." That and a long run is always the cure for those "down on myself" days.
    What I love about myself is that I'm finally confident that I am doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing in my life and that I'm the only person that can be me.

  4. Coming from another big booty girl, embrace it. It's always better than a flat ass (this is what I tell myself). I love reading your blog, your so unique and inspiring. So don't ever dislike who you are, we love ya!

  5. Love this!! We went to Cafe Gratitude on our trip out west for New Years and I ordered an "I am Gorgeous." The whole place was about positivity and gratitude and I think they have CA locations! You should check it out if you haven't before! They serve gluten-free beer and wine, and have a veggie/vegan menu. ♥

  6. when i saw "self love" i just assumed you were talking about masturbation.


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