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Gold dino shots

I feel like starting this post with this picture is kind of like in movies where they open with the craziest scene and then spend the remainder of the time flashing back to show how the main character ended up being eaten by a shark, or in this case, taking a shot out of a gold dinosaur.

Well, it's simple really. Emma was bummed when she didn't win the Sunni Chic giveaway, so she ordered her very own gold dino planter. She had it shipped to her office and it arrived Friday afternoon. She, her roommates, Michelle and I got tickets to a comedy show that started at 7pm Friday evening, so she went straight from work to the show, gold dino in tow. We laughed and drank overpriced libations as the performers read excerpts from their childhood journals/letters/novels (Mortified at the DNA Lounge -- it was awesome and made me wonder if I shouldn't participate myself. I certainly have enough filled up journals starting in probably the second grade.)

When the show ended, however, we went searching for cheaper drinks and found ourselves in a bar dancing to a live band playing that old time rock'n'roll. One thing led to another and I found myself telling everyone about the 'shotasaurus' that needed to be utilized specifically by Emma (aka, buy us shots, please?). Someone obliged, but something about lead poisoning conspiracies ended with me shooting whiskey out of the dinosaur and Emma standing back taking photos of it go down. I also might add that immediately after this photo was taken, a dude standing next to me taking the same shot except out of a boring old shot glass did a spit take all over my face. 

The dino shot was followed by more dancing, some Fireball, an adorable little dog in a doggie wheel chair, bonding over Paul Rudd with strangers outside the bar, searching for scissors to cut succulents to plant in the dino, toasted stolen chickpeas, red wine on the roof and stomach death by pizza at 5am.

Naturally Saturday and Sunday were spent sleeping because I'm not actually in college anymore, I just like to pretend like it sometimes. So that was my weekend. What did you take shots of this weekend?


  1. Hahaha I can't quite get over that there was a dog in a wheelchair at a bar?! Dino shots sound awesome. I had zero shots this weekend, but I did eat a lot of "Better Than Sex" cake, which is just as good. Happy Monday!


  2. and here i thought i was a champ staying up till 3 on saturday... you stayed up until 5am?! HOW ?!

  3. There was a dog in a wheelchair at a bar?! Sounds like an interesting night :D Love the shotosaurus!

  4. Took a shot of fireball this weekend (JUST ONE?!) and am jealous of your dino shot!


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