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Hi friends! Today I have Heather from Morning Glory answering a few questions about her soon-to-be published novel, dating disasters and eccentric houseplants. She's even blogging every day in January (that brave soul) so go show her some love.
Tell us about your eccentric house plants. Please say they have names.
I haven't named them yet because I keep expecting them to die! I am a serious plant killer. But these guys have been hanging on for a year now. Not that they look that healthy right now. (Please excuse our blizzard.)

Since they don't have names, I refer to them by their characteristics. There's "I thought it was a flower but it's actually a bush, and it's about three feet tall and nearly topples its tiny pot," "I can't tell if it's lemon basil or lemon mint," "I think this one is the mint" and "I saved it from the Lowes clearance aisle and it's not doing much better now."

I'd like to have a garden one day, but because plants hate me and I hate the things that lurk in the soil, that might be impossible.

You are a soon-to-be published novelist! Are you allowed to discuss any top secret details about your book?

Yes! That has been such a crazy experience. It's coming out in March primarily for e-book download, and the timing is good because I'd consider it a good Spring Break read. (AKA this book is more contemporary romance than "Crime and Punishment.") 

I wrote it for fun when school got stressful, and now it's part one of a three-book series! I love feel-good books, so that's totally what this is. I'll be revealing more about it in the next couple months, but the best part? I got to fill out this whole thing about what I want the cover to look like. How cool is that?!

You have a pretty adorbz love story with a happy ending, but do you have any dating horror stories you want to share?

Thank you! :) And I certainly had my fair share of dating horror stories...they make me appreciate having a wonderful, sweet (and sane!!) guy now! 

There was this guy I dated my freshman year of college. Before our first date, he told me he'd planned a night for us, and he'd pick me up from my dorm. (So romantic! Also I was stupid.) So he picked me up and took me to - where else?! - Burger King. Now, I love Burger King. Guilty pleasure. So I was fine with that option. 

We went through the drive-thru, and all I wanted was some fries. As we drove away from the restaurant, he said "Don't worry, you can pay me back later." I laughed because I thought he was kidding. But no, in the coming weeks, he continued to hound me for the $1.25 I owed him until I finally realized he was completely serious. Before you think he was just having a rough time with finances...I would soon learn he ate at Buffalo Wild Wings three times a week and bought himself a steady stream of video games. 

After our Burger King stop, he took me to his apartment to watch some UFC. That was the special night he had planned. Then I dated him for five months. The end.

If you had to pick a theme song for your life, what would it be?

This changes so often! But for my life right now, I'm really into AWOLNATION's "Kill Your Heroes." The line "Never let your fear decide your fate" has stuck with me a lot this year.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you do it again?

Oh man...I eat a ton of weird stuff! I'm too chicken to eat live bugs or anything. But I think my favorite unexpected food combination is a chocolate chip cookie dough dip made of chickpeas. (Recipe here.) It was so good. I brought it to my friend's house for a game night, and I didn't tell anyone there were beans in there. And they ate it! It was amazing! 

Many of my friends also exposed to me to Indian food. It's not a "weird" food, but I may have never been interested in it otherwise. One of my friend's parents even own an Indian restaurant. Wow, is that good. I crave it constantly. So yes, I would eat all of the above again :)

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  1. i think once you hit the one year mark with your plants, you have to name them :)


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