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Bluegrass & B.O.

First, I just have to ask..
My vote is for Ziggy Stardust, the fashion model sausage pup. But I may be biased.

Let's see. Mondays are for weekend recaps if I remember properly. This is week numero tres of no drinking and therefore granny-status weekend updates, but it feels kind of awesome. I'm going with it. Friday night I spent the majority of my night painting 11-year-old girls' fingernails at the best birthday party I've been to in quite some time (read more about the birthday girl here). Then I promptly went to bed around 10pm. Party.
Saturday I woke up before 8am (what's happening to me?!) made breakfast and went on my long run. I made it 12 miles, slowly but surely. I only fell once and there wasn't even any blood. I may not be getting faster, but I'll be damned if I'm not getting better at falling. The rest of the day was spent watching Netflix/Hulu while eating Chinese food and drinking rootbeer floats with Ziggy (why yes, I was PMSing, thanks for asking!)
Sunday Emma and I went to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass music festival at Golden Gate Park where we saw Steve Martin pluckin' a banjo! Chris Isaak was there, too, but unfortunately we got too overwhelmed by the deodorant-despising masses and had to just listen from afar while enjoying gourmet popsicles, vegan mac and cheese-less and knish. I've never seen so many dreads in my life and let's just say I need a hula hoop. Or twelve. 

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  1. ziggy for the win. also congrats on only falling once during your 12er. could have been much worse

  2. I hate Miley. So damn much. I wish she would just disappear. Did you see the shit she said about Sinead O' Conner and her mental illness? She also made fun of poor Amanda Bynes. I literally despise Miley. UGH!

  3. Ziggy, all the way. I'm the first person to call Miley out on being a disgusting mess on the VMA's and saying her "Movement" (on MTv) is bologna but I love her new song "Wrecking Ball" and I think she's brilliant and laughing her way to the bank with all this nonsense. Anywho-- looks like you had almost as exciting of a weekend as I did.

  4. 12 miles? How? HOW do you do that? I can't run a freakin' block!!



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