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I lost my head in San Francisco

You guys, Friday night I not only rode BART to SF by myself (I'm a pro at that one by now) but I also found the bus stop I needed to get to the Cobb Comedy Club and hailed a taxi (for the first time ever) because I didn't want to wait for it (and I was running late). Am I a grownup or what?! I definitely need to add this to my list. Anyway, I was headed to this club to see John Mulaney, who happens to be a badass writer for SNL, do standup. It was hilarious. I was laugh-crying like an idiot. Afterward Emma and I went to some Irish bar and drank whiskey drinks and decided to peace out around 1am when suddenly I noticed John Mulaney and the comedian who opened for him (if anyone knows his name, please tell because he was really funny too) crossing the street in front of us so I screamed, "HEY YOU GUYS" sloth-style and asked for a picture like a spazz, but it worked! 
The rest of the night consisted of foreign boys buying us pizza and teaching us words and some star gazing from Emma's badass rooftop until 5am.
Saturday was a little rough in the hangover department, so we took it slow and eventually dragged our makeup-less, sunglasses-clad faces out to a cafe right down the street and it was amaze-balls. That frittata up there was magnificent. Then we strolled over to Washington Square Park where we looked at art and laid in the grass while watching beautiful people play football. We topped this lovely day off by eating the most delicious fish tacos I've ever experienced at the Codmother in Fisherman's Warf --I strongly suggest you try this place. It's a tiny little food truck, it's super cheap and the women who work there are ridiculously friendly and wonderful--and the food was awesome, duh.
Sunday I slept in, ate sushi, went running and reflected on how wonderful San Francisco is. I am officially in love. I like it more every time I visit. A friend of mine who used to live here posted this the other day too, and it just made me love it more. And speaking of love, I got this comment last week in response to this post..
Thank you so much for this comment, Kate. It made me smile all day. I can't wait for your site to launch (especially since it's on my birthday!) and when it does, don't forget to change your settings from "no-reply comments" so other bloggers can interact with you. What a wonderful paragraph to receive in my inbox. Comments are such a powerful thing, my friends.

Be sure to check back later today for a super fun announcement!
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  1. Stoppppp having so much fun

  2. Imagine me sitting here going through my morning Bloglovin reads while dreading all the amounts of studying I have on my plate today (I'm sitting for the bar exam in 2 weeks! eeek!)... So, I'm reading through your post, jealous -- wondering why everyone gets to explore San Fran while I have to sit in a 4 by 4 law library carrel and learn (or attempt to learn) about the Rule Against Perpetuities and Dead Man Statute's and then WHAM! My name?! Woooo!

    Again, the power of the blogosphere is reaching out to me before I even make my official entry into it. I felt the love and the support all the way from this little study hole in Little Rock, Arkansas. And then I realized that I will survive this test, that our blog will launch, and then I can officially get in on spreading the love, connecting with virtual strangers that will share my ups, my downs, and let me celebrate (or mourn) from afar the joys (or sorrows) in their own lives!

    So thanks so much for sharing my little ole comment. A little choice on your part has truly rev'ed me up and given me a daily dose of motivation to survive this horrible exam so I can jump on the Blog-moible!

    Launching 8.1.13

  3. San Francisco will always have a place in my heart. <3

    We flew there from Texas to get married; I love it so much.

    That last photo is beautiful!

  4. Your life is fun. Plus, you're adorable. I am also applauding all your grown up things you are conquering lately. Hailing a cab all alone? AWESOME.

    Xo, Kelsey

  5. It's been so long since I've been in SF and you're making me want to go again! The weekend sounds like it was so much fun :)

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  6. Is your big announcement later today that you're packing up and moving to Portland? Please say yes!

  7. heeeeeyyyyy you guysssss! ps. how did you manage to stay up until 5am? jeez. this gma can't hang like that.

  8. I think that other guy is Joe Mande-- he writes for Parks and Recreation! I am so jealous! John Mulaney is hilarious, I hope I have the chance to see him live sometime!! Looks like you had an awesome trip! :)

  9. Woohoo for being grown-up! It looks like you have an awesome weekend - thanks for the beautiful pics. I have always wanted to see San Francisco.

  10. OK even though i've never been to florida or california i can't shake the feeling that you just FIT in california. love this.

  11. Food after a hangover is always amazing, but that actually looks exceptionally good - inebriated or not!
    I've only visited SF once and I don't remember liking or hating it. I just remember seeing a homeless person for the first time fishing through a trashcan in Fisherman's Wharf... perhaps I should give it another shot? Lol.



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