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I think I'm growing

I don't think of myself as an adult. You may have gotten that impression already from my "Why I'm actually a 10 year old.." post, but really. I may come off as an inexperienced baby, spoiled brat or maybe probably just a weirdo, I'll take it. These are the things I've accomplished in the past year (as a 22/23-year-old woman..) that you've probably been doing for years, but I'm pretty damn proud of it anyway. So here goes.

1. Flew by myself. I purchased my own plane tickets, found my way around the airport and flew all by myself. I know Jonah does it as an 8 year old in Sleepless in Seattle, but what can I say? I'm a late bloomer. In fact, I think I had only ridden on a plane, like, thrice before this year (years ago) and have already flown on three different occasions this year.

2. Booked a hotel. During my cross-country travels, I called hotels, checked availability, booked rooms and checked in all by myself. Any other hotel room I've ever stayed in was booked by a family member, friend, boyfriend, etc. and my money was thrown in there, but I had never actually been the book-er.

3. Drove on the freeway. I'm still terrified, but hey, I did it! It always makes me think of this scene from Clueless.

4. Moved out of state. Sure, I lived about 40 minutes away from home for four years in college, but I had never moved out of Florida before and now I am a 7 hour plane ride away.

5. Used public transit. I have some how learned to use BART and buses after 23 years of driving or being driven anywhere I needed to go (save for a few bus rides to class at UF).

6. Went to the dentist willingly. This year, I kid you not, was the first time I've ever made my own dentist appointment and showed up all on my own. I truly hate going to the dentist, so I used to only go when my mom would make the appointment and tell me I had to.

7. Cooked a steak. I know, weird. I don't think I even knew how to cook any sort of meat before this year. I loved eating it, but I had never bothered learning to cook meat until I did my first Whole30. It still grosses me out though.

8. Went to a pro baseball and basketball game. I never really cared about sports, and let's be real unless it's Gator football I still don't, but these games were beyond fun and I think I may be on to something. Garlic fries, alcohol and high fives? Yes, please.

9. Got my heart broken

10. Dated myself. This year is the first time I've really managed to embrace being alone. I went out to eat (many times now), went to the beach and went hiking, and realized that I'm pretty good company.

Go Outside by Cults on Grooveshark

It's almost like I'm growing up or something. It's just a matter of time before my facade wears off and I'm revealed as a 10-year-old imposter.


  1. Don't feel bad I thought I would read your list and be able to check them off too. But I didn't I think for a 22 year old you have accomplished some things people never will. Thanks for this list. Makes me realize here soon I too will be able to say I have accomplished things I never thought my 22 year old self would do.

  2. You're doin' great. I was 27 before I did most of those. :) Yay to growing up. The first time I was in an airport by myself I felt very grown up. :)

  3. cheers to dating yourself! i think that is a big step we have to go through, especially after a heart break. also, eat more steak, it's good for you :)

  4. I like to think of myself as child in an adult body too. I still prefer kid's stuff to adults. Good for you, I still have things on your list that i haven't done yet and I will be 22 next year :)


  5. I'm waiting for the dentist thing to happen for me. I'm 25 and my mom still makes my appointments & forces me. It's just such an awful, "do I have to?" activity. I always feel better after, but that's not what I'm thinking before. I'm glad I'm not alone. and congrats! it's a huge step! I'm hoping to make it before 30 :) xo - chels @ LLinaBC.com

  6. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've done half the things on your list! So good for you! :)

  7. I lived in SF for a couple years, and was still figuring out public transit!! :)

  8. I'm sorry about #9, but I think you'll learn a lot and grown a ton from #10!!! you go girl!!!

  9. I love going out to eat by myself! I think that people that learn to be by themselves and like it are much happier :)

  10. You're such a good grown up :) It's funny how people can be so immature and mature all at the same time! I cook steaks (and other food!) for a job, so if you ever need any tips just let me know ;)

    xo Becky

  11. What a refreshing post! I am actually still growing up too and laugh at myself when I figure out some of life's simplest tasks. I guess I feel like an adult sometimes, but that is just because having four college kids forces me to. Age 51 :)

  12. I've never been in an airport by myself and I'm 24, so you're ahead of me :). However, when my husband and I flew by ourselves on our honeymoon last summer, I felt very grown up. Obviously, because I had just gotten married, but also because we were traveling by ourselves. It's a strange/"I feel so grown up" moment!


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