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My sixth half marathon

Saturday Emma and I ran the ZombieRunner San Francisco Run.
It was absolutely the hardest, slowest, up-hilliest, sandy-est and most beautiful 13 miles of my life.
There were stairs going up and stairs going down, there was stopping to dump sand castles out of my shoes, there was blood pouring out of Emma's elbow after crashing on said stairs and there was this view:

This place challenges, terrifies and amazes me every single day. I was so proud to cross that finish line and I am so proud I moved here. I did it. 


  1. How awesome! What a great place to run a half. The one I ran here in San Antonio (alamo 13.1)went through our historical places. I think that's the best part of running- the palces we discover. :)

  2. can't ask for a better view to run with, maybe less stairs and hills though ;)

  3. i am SO SO impressed by your marathons.
    let me bow down.

  4. Amazing!! Where do you get the motivation? I can never convince myself to get up and go running :p

    xo Becky

  5. Sixth half marathon? Wow that's inspiring! You rock!


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