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My Love Life

I'm in a relationship, you guys.
It's pretty serious.
We get along perfectly.
We watch the sunset and listen to the rain.
We go on long runs and try out fad diets.
We both like to party too hard and get crazy hungover.
We never fight about which way the toilet paper goes, who's texting who(m?), what movie we're going to watch, where we're going to go eat or what parties we're going to make appearances at.
We even lol, tear up and OMG together while reading blogs.

Yea, it's me. I'm dating myself.

Maybe Kensie isn't so great about squashing spiders or calming me down when I hear things that go bump in the night. Maybe she forgets to shower some days and always makes me pay for meals, but she's actually a lot of fun. She loves watching New Girl and reading trashy novels. She even knows how to capture gigantic toilet-thieving frogs when they're threatening to take over my humble abode.

Maybe she doesn't protect me when I want to go on night runs, maybe she hates doing laundry and cleaning anything, but she cares about the things that are important to me. She is going to make me a priority. She loves my family. She eats my cooking with no criticism. She never ignores me or makes me feel too needy. She's always ready to explore her emotions and she has been severely neglected for years. I need to spend some good quality time with her. We need to be alone together and watch stupid TV shows and do things that are best for us. Me.

We're doing it big. We're moving across the country together and we're staying away from dudes for a while. Time to be selfish. I'm doing what's best for me.

I'll definitely keep you all updated on this budding romance (we love adventures) and maybe I'll even sneak in a few stories of boyfriends past (Sabrina Style).. maybe.

  Merry Happy by Kate Nash on Grooveshark

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  1. i HAVE to say this.
    i love your blog normally.
    like in a normal amount.
    but my heart just exploded with even more love when i saw that kate nash song.

    any kate nash lover is a friend of mine.

  2. you get extra points for the elephant picture on this post. I love elephants.

    good luck with your move!

  3. You tricked me!!! hahahaha. Anyone who can catch monster frogs is a keeper in my opinion!

  4. pretty awesome, lady! sometimes i wish i could do things as a single person again, so take advantage of it while you can! being selfish can be a good thing.

  5. I absolutely love this! Great blog you have here.
    Almost Endearing

  6. I love this post. I love everything you've written and I love that you included one of my favourite ever songs!x

  7. I was single for a good 10 months or so, and let me tell you: IT. WAS. AMAZING. It is so fun to be single and really discover who you are and what you want. I think that many people these days don't know how to be alone and independent. Once you go on a journey with yourself and get to know you better, you'll be an even better girlfriend for whenever that keeper comes along. Good move, lady.

    Have fun!

  8. I love this! You are simply ADORABLE! Hope that the first weekend of 2013 was good to you. :) Just popping over from Sugar and Dots to say hello. Come say hi sometime! XO!!

  9. oh my dear friend...this is THE best relationship to be in! I'm so excited for you and your move! You are taking great steps my fellow Gator!!

    So proud of you!


  10. Ha, I love this. No more watching stupid TV that you DON'T like, no sharing sushi, no fighting over decorating. You're on to something here.

  11. This sounds like my kind of relationship!
    Also, I almost puked at the beginning of this until I got to the bottom and then I was happy and non-pukey again.

  12. Hey! I followed you through the "I Love my Post" blog hop! So glad I found your blog, i'm a new follower :) Come follow back if you'd like!


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