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It's Friday! And that means I get to dump all my random iPhone pictures and call it a blog post. Enjoy.
From top left clockwise: Oh hello there, giant man-sized "OaksterBong." These Bay area folks really love their weed. // Just an example of the ridiculous, butt-toning hills we encountered in California // The airport in Vegas: Slot machines & an oxygen bar #winning // Ziggy showing me all the changes my parents made to the house in the week I was gone: new basketball net and a slack line over the pool
Coloring time at work when we're not busy because we are children and I just so happened to choose THE ugliest dog to color in. You're welcome. // Showing off my voluptuous ass at a Mexican restaurant in my home town // Cinder-fella and Prince Charming at Drag Queens on Ice in SF // Ziggy feeling fatigued after playing constantly with the newest doggie addition to our family: Finnegan.
MONSTER FROG!!! This dude is huge and I found him very unfortunately as I was about to use the toilet where he was making himself at home. Just look at his size in relation to the toilet paper. Yea. I was terrified, and I am really not afraid of frogs usually. Look at him trying to escape out of this plastic cup!! Note to self: never use toilet again. // Zigz expressing how much she missed me while I was gone by jumping all over me and licking me excessively.

Happy Friday!


  1. holy shit thats a huge frog!! what was he doing in your house?!?

    kelly elizabeth

  2. every single one of these made me smile. especially your lovely ass.

  3. I. Hate. Frogs. For a while, there was one in my room and I couldn't find him. . until he made his debut on my bedroom wall one lovely morning. I handled the issue. O.O

    I literally laughed out loud at the picture of your "doot". Baby. Got. Back!


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