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YESSS, I'm hosting my FIRST-EVER link up and with one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Erin of Two Thirds Hazel, no less! It's going down this Thursday, so GET. PUMPED.
Here are the deets.

Flirting With Disaster: A Dating Horror Stories Link up
Dating can be a bitch, am I right? Obsessing over how long it takes some dude to text you back, accidentally giving out your number when you're wasted and trying to stalk them on Facebook the next day (when you obviously don't know his last name..) and just "playing the game" in general. In the words of Taylor Swift, "This is exhausting." So we are giving you the perfect excuse to blog about it.

This link up is for all the single ladies out there (and the shacked up ones who remember what it's like being a single lady), who have several contacts saved with bar names after them and always have entertaining creeper stories to update their friends with. 

What to link up:
Anything dating-related! Tell us about that date from hell, the awful pickup line that guy used on you at the bars last night or how you met the man of your dreams while puking in the bushes--anything goes. 

The linkup goes live Thursday, so be sure to get your blog posts ready and cross your fingers that the creepers don't stalk your blog. 


  1. This is a brilliant link up, and I can't wait to check it out on Thursday!!

  2. Oh how fun, how fun! I have plenty of horrible stories but which one to share?!? And also which one would I want mom / co-workers reading - eek!

  3. Wish I was launching sooner so I could join in... Know I'll be watching from the sidelines and using these hilarious stories to distract me from my bar exam problems! Love the idea!

    Launching 8.1.13

  4. This is hilarious, I can't wait to read your post.


  5. I love this idea! I'm glad you're allowing us shacked up ladies to still join in ;)


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