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Friday's Letters

Dear iPhone, I did not realize the extent of my severe addiction to you until we were parted since 5pm yesterday until now. I'm pretty much having withdrawals. Your love is my drug... I like your beard. Dear Google, Stop trying to make fetch Google+ happen. It's NOT going to happen. Dear Readers, since Google's royal douchiness is taking away Google Reader anyway, please please please don't forget to follow One to Nothin' on BlogLovin, Feedly (you can import your entire Google Reader here in, like, two seconds), Facebook, Twitter or Google+ if you're into it. I don't want to lose any of your beautiful shining faces. Dear Work, You're ruining my Florida Bucket List plans. Quit it. Seriously. I'm moving across the country. Nobody got time for that. Dear California, You give me butterflies. I absolutely cannot wait to start my adventure with you. Dear Bod, I really hope there are no adverse effects to overdosing you with canned coconut milk, because that's been happening.. a lot. And that running thing? Yea, hasn't happened since this post. Fail. Dear Whole30, I have less than a week left of you already! You have flown by this time around. Dear Ziggy, When are you going to write a guest blog post for me? Methinks the people want to know what the pudgy beagle has to say about all this.
Dear Friday, this is my party jam for you. Always. Link up yours with Whit here!
I love It by Icona Pop on Grooveshark
Dear Friends, Have a great weekend. I'm off to work.



  1. Awe Happy Friday! I'm with you completely on the running thing. just not motivated. :(

  2. Visiting from the Friday's Letters link-up. I just got an iPhone and I am in love. Can't believe I waited this long to get one. What are some of your favorite apps?

  3. "Your love is my drug... I like your beard." one of my favorite Kesha moments, and also, exactly how I feel about my iphone too!
    And canned coconut milk is awesome.

  4. Yes, yes, yes to Google. Plus one for the Mean Girls reference!

  5. hahaha.. absolutely in love with this post!
    Stumbled onto your blog and
    thats it i'm officially hooked! :)

    Danielle Stielle

  6. Speaking of kesha, I literally brushed my teeth with a bottle of jack this.

    Anywho, hope work was magical :)


  7. dear you,
    WISCONSIN can't wait to be a stop on your trek across country.


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