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Stupid Things I Did In College

In honor of it being Thursday and all, I figured I'd throw it back for y'all. Back to the days before I started blogging about every single moment of my life. Back when binge drinking didn't deter me from binge drinking the following night. Back when I had a reason to wear a different costume every week and ordered pizza at 5am on the reg. Back when I was in college and did stupid things (not to say I don't do stupid things now..) Here are just a few of the stupid-est:

I went to Dunkin Donuts almost every day. By this point I absolutely knew I was severely lactose intolerant and some how still managed to get a cream cheese lathered everything bagel with a medium iced coffee with cream and Splenda obscenely often. This also goes for aforementioned 5-star pizza. There is definitely not a lactose-free version.

Fraternity roadtrips all around the country = drinking straight out the bottle on busses. (And usually making their pledges do it too..)

Those t-shirts gave us free access and free drinks at just about every bar in Gainesville. Too bad it was pouring rain. 

Just taking awful photos of myself and posting them on the internet for the world to see in general. Kind of like I'm doing now... 

Fraternity formals are just never a good idea. There was definitely some a lot of puking involved.

When I lived in a dorm and had to walk down, like, three flights of stairs to get to the washing machines (which required massive amounts of quarters), I would pretty much hold off on doing my laundry for months at a time -- sometimes taking said dirty duds home to do it there instead.

Wednesday night is when college kids get into the world's trashiest strip bar ever for free. I'm still a little scarred by it.

Yea, I took this rubber chicken everywhere. It makes THE worst noise, kind of like a narwhal dying a slow and painful death. I think I remember my friends pouring shots into it one time too. 

So yea. That's just a little taste of the dumb things I did from 2007-2011. And yea, I would absolutely do them all over again. What kinds of shenanigans did you get into in college?


  1. Omg, love. I'm hating you for Dunkin donuts and booze everyday and still being like three pounds, but hopefully I'll get over that :)

    1. I second what Samm said. You suck. But I love you too much to hate you. #probz

  2. Ha ha!! I think your college shenanigans are hilarious :D At least you have crazy, and fun, memories from it!

  3. I don't remember saying you could post the details of my college experience on your blog but I'll let it slide this time! :) Love this post, obviously!

  4. I am totally loving this. Cafe Risque was once a dare trip! This post really makes me miss college. I did so many stupid things. I often think of all the germs I shared with others over games of flip cup/beer pong and am totally grossed out by it. Funny enough, I never got too sick back then because I was probably exposed to so many germs. Ick!

  5. SO - i'm like your elder. which is sad.
    because i graduated and continue my binge drinking nonsense outside of college just as you were starting. YIKES. i'm old.

    OH WELL - love you and this college-time craziness that has seeped into real life.

  6. Fraternity formals were always a good idea ... right?

  7. Im a new follower and this post is great!!!


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