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Run Ziggy Run

What is it about black and white filters that make everything so much less gross?
And obviously I'm referring to my face over there since my dog couldn't look gross if she tried. Even when she stops in every single mud puddle we pass on our runs, drinks from them and then pees in them. She's just the cutest. We went 6.4 miles today and I love, love, love this time change. Yea, losing an hour of sleep always sucks.. but I'm a total night person and I cannot stand running in the morning, so more daylight = more running with less scary monsters-roaming-around-in-the-dark to worry about. It's pretty much perfect. Andddd this guy gets to run the Trail of Payne 10k on Saturday with one of my super cool friends, Kim. I'm super pumped. This is my way of saying I better start running more since I now have no excuses not to. For more of my thoughts on running click here

Happy Tuesday!


  1. too funny.. I know exactly what you are talking about.. sometimes black and white makes everything better.

  2. Haha, I need to keep this in mind with the black and white filter... I almost never use it, and let's be honest, some day I REALLY need to... lol

    This Lovely Little Day

  3. girl get it.
    let me know how the 10K works out. i ran a 5K once and wanted to die.

  4. My exact thoughts when daylight savings happened: boo one hour less of sleep but yay! For being able to run later and not risk being attacked by a creeper!

  5. Taking your dog on a 6 mile run... I bet she is the happiest pup alive!


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