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Weekend Adventures

Weekend update time, friends! 
Friday night consisted of working all night dealing with crazy people. Specifically a young man with a severe stutter asking me out while his sister was in the bathroom and a Native American man who was very concerned about losing a piece of his soul to a photo snapped by a customer at another table. According to him, our duty (ya know, as restaurant workers) was to confiscate said camera phone, delete his soul off of it and all-around invade some woman's privacy. Methinks homeboy should've taken a few extra puffs from the sacred peace pipe before indulging in some hibachi food.
All day Saturday was spent at the Japanese crazy house until I got cut early and spent the rest of the night snuggling with my pup, painting my nails and starting season one of the Vampire Diaries. Dangerous territory, my friend. Me + CW shows = Instant Addiction

And then Sunday was epic, just like almost all my Sundays have been lately. Me and the bearded man headed to St. Augustine early Saturday morning and ate at The Floridian on Cordova Street (at my parents' suggestion). It was such a cute restaurant with cool art on the walls, mismatched salt shakers and all local, organic meat, veggies and even vegan squash/carrot bisque. Oh. Em. Gee. Then.. then I saw that they had vegan cupcakes too. So.. I cheated on the Whole30.

It was one of those #YOLO moments where a vegan cupcake and partying with my cousin that I never see collided with one another to create a calorie-intake nuclear bomb explosion of awesomeness right there in St. Augustine beach. I did resist the bread though, and those pickled shrimp things with capers and peppers? Amaze-balls. Basically.. it was worth it. I don't plan on cheating again though. 10 more days.
The rest of the day was filled with a Celtic Music & Heritage Festival, hanging out at the fort, eating gourmet popsicles (mine was avocado and coconut! yummm), playing on the beach and bar hopping with my cousin and some other friends we managed to collect along the way. The night even ended with a bonfire. I now have a sunburn, a cold and a bit of a guilty conscience, but again, it was a perfect day, with perfect weather and perfect people. I'm marking that down as a win (and another item crossed off the FL Bucket List).
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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend!! I am finishing up season three of the Vampire Diaries and oh my gosh I freaking LOVE this show! I can't stop watching it and can't wait to get the fourth season :D
    Gorgeous pictures!

  2. GAH i always love your weekends.
    they are legit perfect and i want to constantly be a part of them.


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