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Friday's Letters

Dear Dogs currently residing at my house, If you don't stop this incessant growling, barking, yelping and howling I will have to strangle you. The FedEX guy shows up to drop off a package and you would think he was trying to murder my entire family by your reactions. I don't want to have to strangle you, because you're all cute and whatever, but seriously. This has to stop. That sleeping angel up there is the only quiet one, but she instigates the fighting as much as the rest of them. I WILL cut you. Dear Plague that's been haunting me for the past 30 days, It's time to move on. I need to be healthy. I've got big plans and they don't include staying in bed all day and waking up at 3am for barf sessions. I puke for one reason and one reason only: alcohol. And I've been sober since New Year's, so this is unacceptable.
Dear Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, You are delicious, but damn are you filling! ;) Dear California Bloggers, Please feel free to dish out any advice as far as where to live/jobs openings/etc. goes. I'd greatly appreciate it! Dear Florida, It feels like summer 'round these parts. I'm confused. Dear Runner Bloggers, Are any of you planning to train for a marathon this year? I most certainly am, but I don't know which one yet. Let me know if any of you are down for a running blate marathon-style!
Dear Hair, I can't believe I just now caught on to the whole sock bun thing. I appreciate your growth efforts, but this actually makes my bun looks substantial! Keep up the good work. Dear Friends, Follow me on InstaGram (@mackensieg)  for all sorts of unnecessary sneak peeks into my life. Happy Friday!

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  1. I wish I could do a cute bun, they just turn out awful LOL... I need more growth ;) I need to follow you on IG! Happy friday girl.

  2. Ick, I hope you feel better!!

    Ummm, please share this pancake recipe!! Or point me in the direction of it if you've already shared it! PLEASE!! Love anything apple cinnamon!

    You have the cutest hair, love it!!

  3. My dogs are the same way - if they even think they hear a car pulling up in the drive they start barking and growling like someone is trying to kill us all. Ugh, drives me bananas.
    Hope you get to feeling better! My whole family just got over the stomach flu, and boy was it nasty. Ugh.
    Love the sock bun!! Your hair is adorable!

  4. Following you now on Instagram, especially if I'm going to get any sort of those hair shots, I love em :) Here's to hoping you feel better soon!

    Samm @

  5. Blog hoppin! Xxx

  6. I sm currently dying a bit over those pancakes... recipe please !?! Your sleeping dog is so cute (it's usually the cute innocent ones that are the instigators, like my daughter who also looks like an angel, until you catch her sneaking a pinch on one of her fellow angels and acting like she has no idea what's going on) happy monday :-)


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