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Wine Talk

If you were here, I'd suggest we go out for coffee. But here's the thing, it's Friday night (or perhaps Sunday afternoon when I decide to hit publish.. Mimosas?) and let's face it: happy hour is way more fun. So instead I'd put on some jeans, a sweater and my favorite boots that are literally falling apart from too much love (after consulting with you about what you'll be wearing of course) and I'd meet you at a local restaurant for some cocktails.
We would order some cheap white wine and start catching up. I'd tell you how being sick has put a damper on my workout efforts and the last couple runs I went on were a struggle. How intimidating applying for jobs can be and the feelings of discouragement I've been trying to fend off. I'd probably hint at how nervous I am about my upcoming move to California, but how I'm even more nervous about putting it off for too long.

I'd ask you how things have been going in your life. What anxieties and little worries have you been keeping to yourself lately? I'd ask about your resolutions for the new year and how your love life is going.

I would tell you about the little girl who ran up and gave me a hug at work the other night. How her big smile and willingness to spread that kind of joy to a random server at a restaurant completely made my night. How I can't wait to have a little girl of my own one day: painting nails, braiding hair and playing with Barbie dolls.

But I'd probably make some remark like, "I'm never getting married though, so that's not gonna happen." I'd probably gripe about how everyone and her cousin is getting engaged every other day and maybe a few "boys suck" comments would make their way into the conversation.. I'd probably say something negative about Valentine's Day and throw in an eye rolls. But it wouldn't be long before I discussed the feeling of exhilaration that comes along with being alone. How I'm trying to be optimistic and hopeful about new beginnings. I'd ask if you had seen this video yet, and if not I'd suggest you watch it immediately.

I would ask if you have ever been to the movies alone or taken yourself out to dinner. I'd say how I'd like to try it even though the idea of it makes me uncomfortable. I'd tell you about the time I almost drove to the beach alone just because I could. I wondered if I would get bored or who I would talk to, but I figured it would be a great way to get to know myself. 

You might disagree or be in a great relationship yourself. If so, I would ask what makes it so successful and hope to hear all the details of how you met. And if not, we'd probably flirt with our server and joke about leaving our phone numbers on the check. We'd probably leave a 50% tip just to make said server's night a little better and after lots of hugs, I'd thank you for being such a good friend and listening when I needed to talk it out over some wine.

Let's do this again soon. :)


  1. Oh Mackensie... your blogs make me smile as does your spirit. Everything will workout for you in its due time... 2013 will be an amazing year... you're an amazing person and you definitely deserve it more than anyone I know! God bless, and lets hang? Before you move across the country and I'm left with regret!

  2. Hi, I am sure you'll be loved by many on world's 1st eyewear styling community ——, could we have the honor to see you there?

  3. When I click on a blog and the first thing I see is wine I know I have a new friend. :) I feel like I could have written this post myself lol :) Love your blog.. Welcome me as your newest follower! lol

  4. this is so cute, LOVE yout blog and following! xo


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