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In a Perfect World..

10-day cleanses would last 10 days.
Not three.

DVD player remotes would be installed in tables, pillows and palms of hands so as to avoid renting a bunch of movies from BlockBuster and being unable to watch any of them due the loss of said remote.

And while we're on the subject, there would be no need for BlockBuster because every movie/TV show I ever wanted to see would be on instant-watch via NetFlix.

Everything creamy, chocolatey and delicious would be dairy-free (and calorie-free for that matter).
Unlike this.

Coffee, soda and alcoholic beverages would hydrate and replenish your body far better than water ever could.

Meaning hangovers would not exist.

McDonald's would serve all-organic-grass-fed-beef burgers for the current prices.

Runners highs would happen every time you run.

Colds and viruses would give you super powers, like every nose blow would grant a wish and every cough would provide meals to starving children.

Getting paid to travel and explore the world would be a job that I had.

My nails would look like this:
Instead of this:

Watching stupid sitcoms and reading blogs would make you smarter while simultaneously burning calories.

All men my friends and I date would meet all or most of the following criteria (it's front and back + a page):

Everything at Target would be free.

Oh, and war would be unnecessary because we'd all be too busy loving each other.

There you have it. My perfect world.


  1. omgosh. that juice looks so good. i could totally go for one right now.
    and love the blue nails!

    Redheaded Daybook

  2. perfect list until it hit the everything free at target then it become epic! love it!! lol

    -kelly :)

  3. I REALLY enjoyed "Seeking a Friend". Steve Carell is such a good actor & the end made me cry :(

  4. I'd be totally okay living in your perfect world! Loved this girl!

  5. Love this! I will add that every time I am on the phone the kids would instantly silence instead of running to me like wild animals, xoxo

  6. Oh this! So so so true. All the calorie burning sans the effort. My kind of deal.

  7. The nail polish color is so lovely.. <3

    new follower, found from I love my post hop
    please kindly visit mine too :) xx

    Rossy ♥


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