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Thanksgiving '12

There's just something about flamingo center pieces, handmade "reservations," decorative rifles, stuffed fish and birds followed by a smokey billiard parlor that just make Thanksgiving feel right. The table was set by my talented sister (who does awesome things like this on the reg) and the mimosas flowed like water. And now that I'm finally no longer sore from this, I can run again and maybe do some damage control. Maybe. Bring it on, Christmas! I'm ready for you! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with family, love and lots of dessert.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time!! x

  2. Looks like a wonderful day! Just read your half marathon post...I'm currently training for the gate river run in Jacksonville (15k), but this looks WAY MORE FUN!

  3. So much fun!! :) love thanksgiving posts. Cute dress!

  4. I had such a great Thanksgiving and I'm glad you did too!


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