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After Thanksgiving my weekend was spent watching the Gators spank the Seminoles, playing in Ft. Myers, hot-tubbing, eating delicious food and cruising around on a boat in perfect weather with awesome people. Aside from the boat almost falling off the trailer and almost peeing myself because of it, it was an excellent adventure.

So that's my fabulous weekend in a nutshell. How do you all like my blog makeover? I feel pretty stoked about it. If you'd like to spruce up your own blog, I highly recommend you contact this chick.

Now I'm off to try to get rid of all my crap before moving across the country. Let me know if you all need any crap. I've got lots of it.


  1. I love the new look! And the new name! It's all fabulous :)

  2. Love the makeover! And ironically I've dealt with a similar boat-almost-falls-off-trailer moment. No bueno.

  3. Love the blog! I found you through the GFC Blog Hop & as reading your about me & just wanted to share that we are the same age and both got our degrees in journalism! I'm excited to follow along!! Good luck with getting rid of your "crap" :)

  4. I had to click back and forth to make sure I was at the same blog that I came to before :) Love your new design!

    saying 'HI' from SGBC!

  5. Such a cute makeover!!! Love the look of it. And that really is an adorable pic of you with the branches, ya hippie. :P

  6. I love the new makeover on your blog! I had to take a mini vacation due to life changes too so I hope you come back soon from SanFran with tons of good news!

    BTW...loved seeing those semenholes gets swamped and killed...Here's to more Gator winnings in the next year!

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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