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Music Monday: Shakira

Shakira is my number 1 girl crush.

How do I love she?
Let me count the ways:

1. Gorgeous.

2. Has a rockin' bod.

3. Sounds like a mixture between Kermit the frog and Jesus.

4. Dances in the weirdest, sexiest way.

5. Has a wonderful accent.

6. Her hips don't lie.

7. Sings about how her breasts are small and humble 
(she wouldn't want you to confuse them with mountains!)

8. Rocks the shit out of some dreadlocks.

9. Has too many great songs to post them all.

I'm starting a challenging 30-day journey tomorrow, and let's just say Shakira is my motivation.
Well, her and this badass chick.

More details to come tomorrow.
In the meantime, feel free to lust after Shakira's bod like I have been.


  1. I love this woman! I saw her in concert in 1996...she was as big as my thumb because i was so far away, but then she had long black hair and just breaking out into the biz...she was amazing even then!
    Listen to her Spanish...Pies Descalzos :)


  2. I like working out to Beautiful Liar! Newest follower from the FL linkup! We are from central florida!

  3. haha! I love how you describe her.


  4. I love Shakira! I've been her fan since I was 8 and her song "Donde Estas Corazon?" was on repeat in the radio. (It's been a while, haha) Really enjoyed your post & your blog.

    Much love from Horses of Ares <3


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