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InstaFriday/Friday's Letters

Dear Epic Salad, You were amazing, and I'm going to be eating a lot more of you in the near future. I've got some excellent plans for healthy eating soon-to-be implemented. Dear Body, I don't know what is going on with you, but you have been turning me into one clumsy mofo. These scratches are the product of running a couple evenings ago. I tripped on nothing. Dear Birthday, Can you just be here forever? Birthdays are the absolute best. This beautiful bracelet was a birthday gift from someone sweet. Dear Mega Marshmallow S'more, Sometimes the things we do at the restaurant to entertain ourselves cracks me up. This microwave s'more being one of them, but backbends, handstands and pop-lock-and-droppin' it are also high up on the list.
 Dear Self, Keep up the running thing. You need to to negate the following issues:
Dear Ziggy, We'll get you back into top-running shape before you know it. Seems like just yesterday you could run eight miles no problem, but now you drag and pant like crazy after two. No wonder you're a pudge-master now. It's okay, we'll skinnify ourselves together.
Dear Mom, Thanks for my birthday sign and flag of sorts for my car. I love you.
Dear Britni, Thank you for my BADASS cord-dream phone (that plugs into my iPhone and really works!!!!) I'm bringing it everywhere. Forever. Dear All My Other Friends, Thank you all so much for making my birthday amazeballs. Including several of my preschool teachers who were kind enough to take a tequila shot with me. Never thought I'd see the day. I love you all.



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  1. Dear MacKensie, You have the cutest blog! I am so happy I found you through Life Rearranged! I do the running thing to so I can eat lots of bad for me food too:-) Jocelyn

  2. What a fun time. Love you

  3. awe I saw those phones! they are awesome! It'd be hilarious if you pulled it out when you are at a stop light and someone comes up next to you. :)

  4. Hi there! Super cute blog; love it! Your food photos look dangerously delicious :-)

    I'm not following you from the "Southern Bloggers" link-up! I hope you'll head over to my page and follow me back. Us southern bloggers gotta stick together ;-)

    Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country

    (ps: Be sure to come link up to our Sunday Snaps Link Up and show off YOUR favorite photographs!)

    1. NOW* following you! Haha sorry about that, what a terrible typo!

  5. love all the pics!

    have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!

  6. Love so many things about this post! haha I am traning for a marathon right now, so I totally relate to your running! I also want that giant smore... yum!

    My GFC hasn't been working, but it let me follow your GFC blog followers with my twitter? who knew you could do that?!

  7. Great post, but now I want cake. And...whatever that assortment of desserts is. Hope you had a great birthday!

    I'm also a journalism kid:) Cute blog, I'm your newest follower!


  8. I am a new follower from the Florida Bloggers link up, would love to have you stop by

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! All that food look so good!


  10. Gurrrrl!! Looks like you had an awesome burfday!!!
    And hooray for running like a dog! No worries, I'm doing that running thing plus Insanity, however, not on the same day HA! By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! Be sure to stop by and read my Liebster Award post from today!

    Andie's Traveling Pants: Liebster Award


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