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Shakira-Inspired Hair Style

Those of you who have spent any time with me know about my obsession with Shakira. I think she's gorgeous and I constantly try to dance and sing like her. My friend Jessica and I often go on Shakira rampages where we watch every single one of her music videos repeatedly, finally resolving to stop at nothing until we look exactly like she does. We generally forget within a couple days, but this week has been pretty consistent for me. Not only did my friend Wendy and I attend a belly dancing class on Monday (my hips don't lie), but I decided I had to try some faux dreads after see her video for Loca (not to mention the slew of tough workouts inspired by Rabiosa).

This was the goal:
So after doing some research on technique online, I got to work. Here's what I used (that's Garnier Fructis Surf Wax Strong with Matte Finish):
The first piece of advice I found was to not try this on clean hair, so I let the ole grease and dirt build up for about a day and a half (including a ripe workout) before trying it out. This is how it looked before the wax got a hold of it:
I clipped it up into halfsies, gooped out some wax, rubbed it into about 1 inch sections and started twisting. See, here's where I think I messed up. Mine turned out looking more like braids than dreads and I think it's because I twisted each piece in the same direction then twisted pairs in the opposite direct they were originally twisted in, giving it an organized and shiny look despite the matte finish created by the wax. I would suggest instead just twisting the pieces without twisting pairs together. Anyway, here's how mine ended up:
At this point my fingers and palm were ridiculously pruned:
Andddd the finished product:

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