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Crackle Overcoat

Walgreens and I have a pretty intimate relationship. Sometimes I think that store just gets me. I'll go in there and buy a tube of toothpaste with my debit card and I'll get a coupon back for Lactaid pills (I'm lactose intolerant) or my favorite brand of deodorant (Ban- Sweet Surrender). It's pretty sweet, except I always forget to use the coupons, plus it's probably just recall of products I've purchased with that card in the past, but I'd like to think the store just telepathically knows that I'm going to need Pearl Tampons later this month.

Anyway, it's also pretty harmful to my bank account because I am very easily distracted by beauty & hair products - they have a wonderfully vast selection. My latest Walgreens impulse buy was Sally Hanson's Crackle Overcoat nail polish in "fractured foil."

It doesn't exactly look how it does in the ads, but neither do McDonald's cheeseburgers and they're delicious.. so here goes:

First apply the undercoat - I'm only including photos of my left hand, as the right hand always looks diseased after I paint it left-handedly
Note: The weirdness on my palm serves as my planner on a day-to-day basis
This is my beaglier (Beagle/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Ziggy Stardust posing for the camera
Watch, the foil is starting to fracture

Ta da! The finished product.

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