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Top left clockwise: The AMAZING birthday cake one of my mom's coworkers made for her. So flippin' cute; I have this weird habit of going to Applebee's with friends lately.. Sounds so strange to me, but you can't beat 1/2 price appetizers; Sometimes these outings result in Arm wrestling matches..
This week has consisted of working, babysitting and schooling, so here I am lounging by the pool watching my nephews pretend to be whales and eat "fish".. aka leaves.

That's all I've got for you today since this week has been pretty full of non-photo-worthy things. Maybe next week will be better. The good news is I found a new (to me) band to be obsessed with. Check it.

Also, my friend Liz sent me this Thought Catalog and it made me cry.. So hopefully all you other twenty somethings will be able to relate as well.

Now I'm off to work.
Happy Friday!

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