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Free Crappy Portraits

So I know this might be a little weird since we're not actually together anymore, but I submitted a photo of me and Austin to Free Crappy Portraits several months ago in hopes that it would be here by Valentine's day, but alas it showed up 2 days ago. So here is FCP's depiction of me and my ex boyfriend. Enjoy.

I think Ziggy looks especially stunning. If you want to see what you look like as a free crappy portrait, submit a photo and description of yourself on their website, sit back and watch your inbox for a beautiful masterpiece like this one. This is the photo I submitted:

That's a quality photo right there.

I'm really sorry I've been such a terrible blogger lately. I haven't been cooking, exercising, crafting or otherwise doing cool things worthy of blogging about. I've been serving people Japanese food and eating fried rice. I certainly haven't been the healthiest of people. I am promising, right here and now, to be better in April. This funk I'm in will pass and I will be ready for my marathon at the end of June. Also, I promise to be a better blog follower as well. I will start leaving comments again instead of simply looking at all your pretty faces and rushing off to do something else mid-paragraph.

Thank you all for being patient and wonderful and reading my blog in general.

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