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"You got it, dude!" This is me as a babe. I've always been a thug, obvs.

Yesterday I was searching through my mom's photo albums to find cute pictures to frame for her birthday and I ended up finding quite a few share-worthy pics. Here's the photo I gave to my mom:

I also came across some pretty hilarious ones of my siblings and I, unfortunately I got the veto for posting them.. (Some people are so touchy!) but let's just say it involved my sister flicking off the camera with a skeleton hand and me with no front teeth at all.

I'm such a diva.
Me hugging my sister, Brandy, before she moved to Montana

I'm just taking a snooze with our old family dog, Red, who helped me learn how to walk.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Song of the Day (compliments of Anna):

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