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I spent the weekend in Gainesville with two of my best friends, Liz and Emma. 
We took over downtown drinking wine and beer, bullying the jukebox, pretending to be Charlie's Angels and trying to remember to call our fourth Cardinal when we were all toasty (alas, too much wine went by and we forgot. We love you though, Aubrey!). 

Then we did some serious people watching at the Hoggetowne Renaissance Faire. 
The weirdest people you'll ever encounter are regulars at these things, and I would know because I just so happen to be one of those regulars. 
Unfortunately for you guys, we didn't dress up in fairy wings, fox tails or corsets. 
We saw two different women (one with blue hair) volunteer to get whipped in the buttocks at the designated whipping post. Bizarre.
But, we got to ride on an elephant named Judy, and she was wonderful even though we kind of wanted to set her free afterwards..
We also played with the fluffiest bunny that ever existed and an adorable goat with surprisingly coarse hair.
And lastly, we found Emma a husband -- a dreamy jouster with wispy blonde hair named Sir Jacob (or was it the other guy..?) Either way it was a success.

How was your weekend?

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