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Valentine's Day Blog Swap

I got a little blog swap-happy and signed up for the Valentine's Day blog swap over on Everyday AEM as well as the New Year's Blog swap! I was paired up with Nicole from Paris Hendrix, and I received a fabulously thoughtful package in the mail today.

She sent me a beautiful elephant bracelet, which is PERFECT because this weekend I just so happened to have ridden on an elephant for the first time and I loved it!!!

She also sent me a very cute dish towel, metallic purple nail polish (can't wait to try it!!), nail files, delicious-smelling lotion and body mist, super-awesome lip gloss and fashionable hair ties that double as cute bracelets!!! Thank you so much, Nicole (yes both my swap partners were named Nicole, it was confusing & awesome at the same time!), I absolutely love my gifts!! 

I am so pumped about Valentine's Day now.

I will give you all the deets about my elephant adventures from the weekend soon, but for now I will leave you with a blast-from-the-past tune that my fellow Cardinals and I rocked out to while getting ready this weekend.

You're welcome. ;)

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