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New Year's Blog Swap

I participated in the Wiegand's 2012 New Year gift exchange and linkup, and today I received the most wonderful package in the mail from Nikki from Nikki Waylen & Falcon!!!

Look how beautiful this packaging was!

Seriously, I can't even begin to explain how awesome all of these things are. With just a few e-mail exchanges and detective work (via Pinterest) on her part, Nikki was able to collect the most perfect assortment of random goodies for me. Here are some closeups:

I am amazed. From top left, clockwise: A mixing spoon with my favorite color handle, AWESOME picture frame with such a perfect quote for me (this is probably my favorite of all. It's so wonderful.), an adorable cloth rose magnet, an adorable homemade card, a vegan cooking magazine (!!! I am obsessed with magazines, guys, how did she know?!) and a gorgeous feather necklace.

Thank you SO much, Nikki. I hope you like my gifts to you, but I'm sure they will pale in comparison.


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