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Green, Eggs & Brie!

Despite my sleeping-in-til-noon habits of late, my love (passion even) for breakfast has not diminished in the least. The other morning-ish I threw together two breakfast sandwiches, one with the last wedge of brie cheese and one with swiss cheese. Jessica ate the swiss one because she has quickly become my cooking creations guinea pig. I loosely based my recipe off of this one, but the only things I had in common with said recipe was an egg and a wedge of brie. I substituted collard greens for spinach (& added onions because I'm obsessed), biscuits for english muffins & skipped out on the bacon. I think they turned out pretty well! But don't take my word for it, just ask Jess.

(Messy goodness)

On a fitter note, I tried running six miles yesterday. I say "tried" because I ended up doing a lot of walking. My knee felt terrible during, after & the day after. I think I was too eager to get going (so I could meet my new GGGlittles) & skipped out on essential IT band stretches -- but on the positive side, it was breezy & beautiful outside. I think I'll wait a couple days, stretch like crazy & attempt a shorter distance next time.

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