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Big/Little DZ Style

Last night I welcomed the two newest additions to my sorority family, Strawberry Margarita, by making these wooden paintings for my Great Great Grandlittles, Lindsey & Arianna. Big/Little reveal is one of the most exciting nights in the entire sorority experience. Up until that night the "Little" is showered with hand-crafted, well thought out gifts & misleading clues from her anonymous "Big." When the night finally comes, the little ones chase their labyrinth of a ball of yarn all through the house until they finally find their disguise at the end of the string, where they proceed to put it on & run into the main room where their big sis is wearing a matching outfit & waiting to pounce on them. Our family started out my freshman year wearing red hat lady outfits and have stuck with the red & purple theme ever since (now I'm a senior + 1).

Check me out as a wee baby freshman with my Big, Stacey:

Just for the record, I have the best family in the whole world, and the newest additions are just as wonderful as I hoped they would be.

Do you have any fun traditions to celebrate your sorority, fraternity or real family big and little sisters? Feel free to share in the comments section!

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  1. other than putting your names on the front door at birthday time and a few select traditions best not mentioned in public, our family is somewhat untraditionaly traditional wouldn't you say??


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