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Jessica Turns 23!

Today is my best friend in the whole wide world--Jessica's birthday. We have been best friends for almost seven years now (even though we first met in middle school). Halloween is our "anniversary" because that was the night we went to a carnival together (and her dad had to drive because even though she was 16 my parents wouldn't let me ride with her until she'd been driving for 6 months.. that lasted about 2 months.) and had our first sleep over that night! I was always pretty jealous that she was almost a year older than me because that meant she got to drive, vote & drink alcohol for a year before I could. Now that I'm 22, however, I no longer think of it as a race. Time can just slow down to a crawl as far as I'm concerned.
Happy Birthday biff!! We will be best friends until we look this this:
(This photo was found here)


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