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Finally caught up. Bubbles.

As I mentioned here, last Friday Emma and I drove to San Diego to see the most adorable couple the world has ever seen get married. I am very proud to report that not once did we get lost despite our debilitating and shared directional handicaps. We arrived at our hotel (which was found and booked by my girl since I didn't stop to breathe for about a week straight) at 3am Saturday morning and were surprised (read: terrified) to find that many of the hotel (or does the presence of mold make it a motel..?) patrons were outside chillin' still. We were already a little miffed by all the traffic we encountered while driving so late and extra creeped out by the large man sitting on the steps staring at us as we awkwardly stumbled around the parking lot looking for the front office (pepper spray in tow). Go to bed, you crazies!
We eventually found our room and slept gloriously until our 11am checkout. We then got to explore San Diego a bit eating super delicious food at Carnitas Snack Shack and making plans to jump off the cliff into the water at a later date (seriously, these people looked like they were having the time of their lives jumping off of these cliffs). And bubbles were, of course, a necessity.
Eventually we made it to the wedding where my date was of the prettiest female variety. We may or may not have shed a few tears as we threw up our sorority gang signs (my big got married) and watched two very in love people make it official. Then I drank too much wine. Obviously. The end of the night involved a puzzle and an air mattress. Cut to Sunday's 8(more like 10)-hour drive and you have two very sick and ragged looking ladies (if you can call us that) sitting on the side of a curb at Jack-in-the-Box somewhere in LA drinking sweet tea and eating french fries and chicken nuggets very slowly. Eventually the nausea subsided, sour gummy worms were purchased and an entire conversation about talking trees came to be.

I literally can't believe it's Friday already. It's been one adventure after another in this life of mine and I'm having a hard time keeping up. I think writing about it helps me to grasp onto it even more though, so I'm beyond excited to officially have wifi set up in the new pad. And even more excited that I will be seeing Sir Paul McCartney at Outside Lands tonight!!!! Have a fabulous Friday, friends! 


  1. My big got married in Mexico and I always felt bad I didnt get to go! Looks like you had a fun and that dress you have on is gorgeous! Luck you going to see paul mccartney! Have fun :)

  2. I love that song by The Streets. I can't believe anyone in America has heard of it.
    Your dress for the wedding is beautiful!

    Big Apple, Little Bites

  3. Your dress is awesome!! Also, San Diego-- I'm jealous!! :-)

  4. I'm glad you guys survived the trip--- be sure to put your thoughts about the hotel on TripAdvisor for others to see. Love, your has been VIP Travel Agent

  5. Paul McCartney!!! Color me jealous!

  6. Awe! Sweet! You look so pretty. We are still working on moving to San Diego. :)

  7. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW JELLY I AM THAT YOU ARE GOING TO OUTSIDE LANDS?! also, you look so cute in your wedding attire! did Rose come out to play at the reception?!

  8. I've also been surprised at how my summer has been so full of activity! Having a blog definitely helps. You guys look gorgeous :)

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  9. shut your damn mouth about paul mccartney you lucky snot.

  10. how does your hair grow so fast? you are amazing!


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