Which of course in German means "a whale's vagina" | One To Nothin'

Which of course in German means "a whale's vagina"

I have so much to update blogland about and I don't even have time! I haven't even written the guest posts I was so flippin excited about for this sweet girl and this one too. Fail city. But one day in the near future I will have wifi in my new dank apartment (yea, I said dank). And in the meantime I will dump birthday photos (which you may have already seen on IG.. I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger.) on you from this table at Starbucks followed shortly by an 8+ hour drive to San Diego to see my sorority big sister get married and driving 8+ hours back the next day. Whew. This girl could use a power nap x 12 but instead she will use 5-hour energy shots, loud music and a super cool best friend to stay awake. Annnnnd photo dump:
First thing Thursday morning, after an agonizing night of not being allowed to open the package that arrived the day before my day of birth, I ripped open this package to find the awesomest of goodies. Including this beautiful necklace, this super cool poster (designed by the bearded man) that chronicles my road trip from FL to CA, the best portrait of me and my dog ever, Pringles, Starbursts and a make your own CROWN set! 
I transformed myself into Elvis temporarily at work, hung out with my other new roommate (meet Brother! He's a gentle giant), drank a bacon old fashioned (it's made with bacon-infused whiskey! How cool?!), watermelon moonshine and took selfies with my parents.
THEN I received another super cool package from my sister that included a water bottle Ziggy can drink from when we go running (!!!), glitter tattoos (are we sensing a theme here? I'm a 10-year-old), blow up dinosaurs and more awesomeness. Lastly my new human roommate got me beautiful flowers and they look so lovely complementing our empty living room.

I'm going to drive off into the sunset now. If there's not a post on here come Monday, feel free to stone me on Twatter Twitter. And if you like seeing seflies and then seeing them again later on in a blog post, go follow me on IG @mackensieg.

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  1. What absolutely fabulous birthday packages! You have some delightful people in your life. Awesome.

  2. Love the packages! Dropping in by way of Tay's blog and just loving yours! I have to "watch my mouth" in public because for some reason I cannot just say "Twitter".. it comes out Twatter ALL THE TIME!

  3. These are some awesome things you got... And my B-day is so far away LOL...
    I'm happy for you, you definitely have many people that care about you.

    BTW you have been TAGged "Tag you are it" over at www.craftyspices.com
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  4. Some great birthday packages! My birthday is in a couple weeks. :)
    You kind of look like ArdenRose186 on youtube!

  5. Bacon infused whiskey?! I need that in my life!

  6. sweet jesus i love this.
    you're so flipping fantastic i can't even handle it.

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