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What a year

My 2018 beginning in March, as shown in 1-2 seconds per day

It occurred to me that aside from the travel journal accrued during my solo trip to Vietnam, there weren't all that many personal posts in 2018 or 2017 for that matter. I took on a few sponsored posts here and there because I wanted something to keep me blogging when it felt like the last thing I wanted to do. I enjoyed them, but a lot of life stuff happened in between them and reflection has always kinda been my thing. So here goes.  

I got promoted.

I mourned a relationship I knew I shouldn't have been in to begin with.

I travelled to Asia for the first time on my scariest, coolest, most self-discovery-est solo trip yet.

I wrote a lot of copy and a little bit of my novel.

I started my online dating journey with an amazing first date and promptly friend-zoned him after the second.

I rang in 2018 with some of my closest friends in NYC.

I became really close with my new-at-the-time roommates.

I stoked an old flame and felt the familiar burn I often confuse with warmth. 

I found some of my closest friends who also happen to be my coworkers.

I drank a lot of fancy wine in Napa.

I read my journal I hadn't touched in four years and saw the same names I still heard myself speaking on a regular basis. 

I decided to write a new story and finally let go.

I went on a bunch of terrible dates and a couple good ones that ended in ways that made me question my judgement (and society). Then a bunch more bad ones. 

I started to doubt every relationship decision I'd ever made.

I learned that someone opened fire at my old high school where my nephews are students (no one was killed, thank god).

I travelled all over the US—New York, Vegas, Utah, Colorado, San Diego, Seattle, but my favorite was when I surprised my parents in Florida for Mothers Day (watch the full video here—skip to 3:40 for the reactions).

I read 30 books.

I reached out to that one amazing first date and we went on a second amazing first date. I've lost track of which date we're on now.

I voted.

I saw a ton of concerts.

I helped launch a brand-new program at work and flew to LA basically every two weeks. 

I found out one of my best friends passed away on one of those LA trips and learned what grieving in an Uber, airport, and airplane feels like. 

I missed meetings, had a panic attack in a bathroom, abused alcohol (a lot), and realized how lucky I am to have the support system I have here.

I watched friends get engaged, married, and pregnant. I cheered them on as they bought homes, got promotions, acceptance letters, and grants. As they survived breakups, mourned losses, and started over. 

I remembered how fun it is to be on my own. I remembered how fun it is to fall in love.

I learned so much, including how much I have left to learn, and I'm excited/kind of terrified to see what 2019 has up its sleeve. 

Happy 2019, friends.

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