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5 Steps to Curing the Adulting Blues

We’ve already established that adulting is hard. It’s all work, laundry, bills, nuclear war-induced anxiety attacks, emotional eating and more work. But I’m about to pass on a game-changing life hack. Are you ready? Five steps to pure, grownup, college-style bliss. Let’s go. 
Step 1: Purchase Fancy AF Tequila
Literally the only preparation you need is a trip to the liquor store. Purchase Gran Centenario tequila, Agavero Orange liqueur, lime juice, and a couple oranges. Bring it home and leave it on the dining room table so your roommates think it’s their idea when you subtly drop the hint that you’ll be making margaritas tomorrow night. 
Step 2: Check In With the Amigos

Maybe send out a group text around 3pm (that’s when they’re weakest) to said roommates, like: “Laaaadies, it’s been a long day. Expect margs on the patio this evening.” If they happen to be amazing, like my own, they might even offer to pick up TJ’s microwavable tacos on the way home from work. 
Step 3: Let the Preparations Begin
Stick those deliciously simple tacos in the microwave and bring a cup of water and a cup of sugar to a boil on the stove, turn down the heat and let cool. Combine the following in a cocktail shaker (or two tumblers if you’re also not a fully developed adult) with ice for batch number one:

.75 parts lime juice
.5 parts simple syrup
Orange slices for garnish 
Step 4: Dress to Match Your Setting

Again, it’ll depend on how cool your roomies are, but mine were all, “Let’s wear matching floral dresses and play in the garden!” and I realized that I’ve once again won the Craig’s List roomie-finding game. 
After you finish your first glass of these margs, you won’t want to stop because a) they’re delicious (even if you’re not a tequila person), b) it only takes one to feel tipsy and c) by the time you’re finished, drink #2 sounds like a great idea and no one remembers that it’s a school night. I must warn you, however, that once you and your ladies get through batch #2, there will be early morning next-day repercussions (just another side effect of adulting) in the form of needing greasy food and ibuprofen stat. #worthit 

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