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You want a pizza me?

Are you guys feeling my room's new look?! It's not done yet, but I've definitely been zenning out with my new candles, rainforest plants and blackout curtains. It's coming together, so I thought I'd show a little sneak peek while having a picnic.
And while we're at it, let's talk about dietary restrictions, shall we? My crew has a lot of them, and it's rough. When my college pals and I travel together, it's kind of a nightmare when we go out to eat. We cringe as we let the server know that yes, we are in fact THAT table. 
One's a pescetarian, one's a vegetarian, one's gluten intolerant and, of course, I'm lactose intolerant. These are the kinds of prerequisites that elicit eye rolls (not to mention the struggle at the end of dinner when we spend an hour trying to split the bill). It's takes some dedication and patience, but we persist (and we l-o-v-e tipping big when the server embraces the challenge). Still though, it makes dinner parties (and drunken late night munchies) a big ol' hassle because there has to be an option for everyone.
Back in college we trashed our bodies and didn't think twice about the pain our digestive systems were often in, but in our late twenties it's a different story. These days we need options, which is why the last time I ordered an actual regular-person pizza  was probably back in 2010. This, my friends, is why i was intrigued when Papa John's invited me to try their new ancient grains gluten-free pizza crust and I realized I could easily order it without cheese online (without even having to talk to a real live person--YAS!).
I ordered mine with veggies and added crumbled truffle goat cheese (because it's lactose-free and I'm fancy), and I love the idea of bigger pizza joints embracing food restrictions like this. Next time my gluten-free friends are over, we'll have munchies for everyone

When was the last time you tried a Papa John's pizza? 

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