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Summer Skin (and scalp)

Can I get real with you guys for a second? My body does some weird stuff, and it gets weirder when the weather starts to change. Then, when you add stress to the mix…that shit cray.
Mostly it’s been good stress around here. Writing about beauty things full time, trying to train for a half marathon at high altitudes (this weekend—AHHH), working another job part-time, blogging and refusing to not have a life (seriously, I’m grateful for this kind of stress). But it takes a toll nonetheless, especially on my skin and scalp. When it’s super hot out, right after I work out, or if I’m freakin’ out about who knows what, that’s when my face decides to break out into lovely hives. They sort of look like little mosquito bites except I know they’re not because sweet, sweet California doesn’t have many mosquitos, and I know from 23 years of Florida experience that my mosquito bites swell up to the size of a planet. Then there’s my scalp, which is just as itchy and makes wearing black The Worst (especially now that I work in an office and don’t wear yoga pants every day—le sigh).
So far the only cure for my hives is a daily dose of Zyrtec (not ideal), but my dermatologist tried to tell me my scaly, itchy scalp was from psoriasis just a couple months ago (I finally caved and went to the doc when it spread to my ear). The only thing is, I think she’s wrong. My genetically identical mother (who works in the medical field) is convinced it’s the same condition she’s had forever—seborrheic dermatitis. It’s not making my hair fall out or anything, but it does itch, it is embarrassing (since it flakes like dandruff) and it’s stress-triggered, so it’s not my favorite thing to deal with on top of other things. Anywayyyy, I’m telling you this because it’s been bad lately and coincidentally I got to try some Vanity Planet products that I think are going to help.

When I was in Florida last weekend I was chatting with my mom about the state of my scalp. I’ve tried all kinds of medications on my head over the years, but after having a long discussion with my mom about ways to stop adding chemicals to my body, I told her I’d give some more natural remedies a shot. One of the best cures for everything is coconut oil, so I wasn’t all that surprised that this anti-inflammatory super oil was considered a treatment for seborrhea. When Vanity Planet offered to let me try a scalp massager I was down, and I was excited to use it with some regular old coconut oil, but I was pleased to find out the package already came with a hair treatment containing coconut oil--win, win.
The Remi Moisturizing and Restorative Treatment (that comes in a cute little pouch) contains natural extracts like argan oil, castor oil and coconut oil to help liven up my dead ends while soothing my scalp. I haven’t been using it long enough to say that it has made a huge difference in my scalp situation, but I do know that my hair is shiny and the scalp massaging brush feels goo-oo-od. Vanity Planet was a new brand to me, but I’m excited to try out some of their makeup and skincare products in the future.

AND while were on the topic of hot air ruining my body…how cute are my new bathing suits? I just want to be on the beach forever right now. The other products shown are my go-tos lately—a primer that contains UV-protection, ALL the lipsticks, eyebrow filler, mascara and micellar water. Summertime = less foundation, more freckles and all the experimental lip colors.

Anywho, I want to know what's going on with you. Have you ever had to deal with scalp issues or recurring hives? I know its not sexy to talk about, but it seems fairly common and I like to keep it real around here—whether it’s adult acne or drunk blogging my inadequacies. Do you have any advice or remedies for me? Have you ever tried Vanity Planet products? Get at me, friends.

OH, and if you'd like to try any of their hair products, use the code SpringHair25 at checkout to get 25% off.

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  1. I have seborrheic dermatitis and I use this selenium sulfide shampoo that sits on my scalp for 10 min once a week and it really helps. It is a Rx though. Just a thought if this ever doesn't work anymore! :)


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