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Whole30 & Fitness Update

Remember back when I said I was going to document my Whole30 adventure extensively? That was funny, huh? Well I’m on day 18, which means I only have 12 more days to go and this bad boy has really flown by.

These days my cravings are pretty much nonexistent, I haven’t had any nightmares about eating cheeseburgers, my stomach is WAY less bloated (I can almost see abs! Oh em gee!) and I’m still obsessed with canned coconut milk. Chia seeds have been my jam this time around, and I found this almond butter that’s made of just almonds (and donates partial proceeds to honey bee research!) that’s been rocking my world. I definitely haven’t been as strict as I have been in the past, meeting friends out for dinner several times during the week, and instead of being that obnoxious restaurant patron, I’ve done the best I can without thinking too much into salad dressings or potential added sugars. I still feel like I'm getting the benefits without the guilt. I'm a big fan of balance.

My sleep has improved drastically, my energy during the day is quite lovely, my skin is not as great as it has been during past Whole30s, although perhaps it has improved a bit, and overall I feel pretty good. This cleanse thing is good for the soul, but not so much for the social life. I spent a lot of time reading and Netflixing (but also ClassPass-ing) over the rainy weekend. I have more human interaction-type activities planned for this weekend though, so willpower will be tested.

Things I miss the most:
Vegan pizza
Auntie Ann’s Pretzels (this might be on the after-it’s-over splurge list)
Freshly baked bread - the smell is almost sufficient though.
Gooey cookies
Dark chocolate
Did I say wine?

Things I miss the least:
My jeans cutting into my hips throughout the work day
Sliced sandwich bread
Sweet coffee (surprisingly! This used to be a real issue..)
Waking up a billion times at night
Falling asleep at my desk around 2pm
Hating my life at 5:30am before a workout
Pasta (who knew?)

Thai Red Coconut Curry (I made up my own delicious recipe, but I'll post that later)
Damn Fine Chicken (omg, make this even if you aren’t paleo)
Salmon and Asparagus (all the time)
Fruit Parfait (canned coconut milk, various chopped fruit, sliced almonds, chia seeds, dried coconut, cacao nibs -- this is my favorite, but it’s basically dessert)
Boiled Eggs (breakfast most days)
Plain Almonds (snack if necessary)
Salads (I make them as interesting and pretty as possible, adding strawberries, nuts, seeds, lemon juice, avocado, tuna or turkey)
Bunless Burgers (mustard, onions, lettuce)
Taco salad
*Can't wait to make this again: Paleo Pesto Chicken & Butternut Squash

3/10 Kettlebells
3/6 Handstands
3/5 Power Yoga
3/4 Kickboxing
3/3 Power Yoga
3/2 Cross Training
3/1 Muscle MashUp

2/29 HIITFit Flex Circuit

How YOU doin'? Crushin' goals and rippin' abs?

PS: Follow along on the food journey here and here and here.


  1. And here I'm sad I didn't join you at the start. We haven't even cracked the wine like I expected in celebration with the new house, just 'indulged' in some costco light beer on mediocre days by the pool... in a sweatshirt. I Love you, keep going!

  2. You're doing so great! I haev a feeling I could never do this... What with all the marathon training and all, I feel like there are too many of these food groups I need to train. Fitness is getting better though! I've been running lots (maybe too much... my poor poor legs!) and feeling better and better every day!


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