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Whole30 Part 3 & Fitness Update

My third Whole30 started Monday, and in case you were wondering I’m already craving cereal. I don’t even eat cereal. Oh, boy. I did learn how to make an avocado rose, however, and yes, I did get laughed at by my roommate. There are worse things I could do with my free time..
Speaking of which, I’ve been spending most of it cooking, photographing, food styling and obsessively posting photos to my new Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you’re into that sort of thing, or happen to also eat a lactose-free diet, follow along and please, please share! And maybe even sign up for the newsletter so I can let you know when the brand spankin’ new site comes to fruition.

Shameless self promotion, guys. I can’t even. But I did. NO SHAME.
Anyway, here are the foods I’ve been eating lately. Does anyone have any suggestions for magically making the inside of my apartment at 9pm look like it does at 2pm? If so, shoot ‘em over! It would be greatly appreciated since I officially HATE all the photographs I take at night and offices insist on sucking all the good daylight hours out of our withering bodies.

Meals made and repurposed in the past couple weeks (lots of ideas here):
Lemon Pepper Salmon & Roasted Asparagus
Chia Chocolate Pudding & Fresh Fruit (no honey)
Salad With Tuna on Top
Shrimp & Potatoes (which was a failure)

Workouts completed in the past couple weeks:
2/25 - Boot Camp
2/24 - 3.5 mile run
2/23 - Boot Camp
2/22 - Crufit Cycle
2/20 - 3.4 mile run
2/19 - Boot Camp
2/18 - 90-min Happy Hour Yoga
2/17 - Tabatafit
2/16 - Ultimate Ride
2/15 - Crufit Cycle

How's your 2016 fitness plan going so far?


  1. My 2016 fitness goal is going nowhere so far... But I still have hope! I have 10 more months to get there!
    All of those look so delicious, by the way! You're making me hungry!

  2. Love the new accounts!! After an awful run in with dairy around valentine's day, I really need to cut that sh*t out!
    Could be time for me to do round 3 of whole 30 as well! if you have any veggie/ vegan paleo options I'd love to see them. Have a great weekend!


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