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Bell Sleeves & Beautiful Weather

When I first moved to California, I felt so guilty if I didn’t go outside every single day. It was so unbelievably beautiful! It wasn’t cloudy or raining or humid or ridiculously hot or cold, and I had to take advantage of it while it lasted.
Dress c/o Tobi / Sandals: Target / Hat: Urban Outfitters (sold out: similar) / Tote: Emperia (similar)
What I didn’t realize was that around here, it lasts. I’m not bragging, you just have to know: it is flippin’ gorgeous in this region a good portion of the year (San Francisco can be an exception - it can get quite grey there at a moment’s notice, but that’s besides the point. East Bay ALL DAY, son!).
It started to get exhausting. Don’t slap me if you’re shivering in your Uggs and snow jackets right now -- you made your own choices. So I put pressure on myself to be outside constantly, and remember, I’m a Florida brat. It’s not like I’ve suffered through bad weather, but suddenly I went from moody thunderstorms and hurricane warnings followed by five minutes of sun shrouded in humidity and mosquitos to constant gorgeousness, great hair days, no bugs and I was confused. I was getting FOMO just by being inside for 10 minutes.
Now that I’ve been here for almost three years (can you believe that?!), I’m starting to acclimate.
My daily mantra: Okay, it’s 70 degrees and sunny, but I have to go to work and that’s the way it is. It’ll probably be sunny again tomorrow. It makes it hurt less.
This past weekend was one of those gorgeous-in-a-perfect-summer kind of way weekends and that’s why I put on this bell-sleeved beauty from Tobi, sandals and a floppy hat to read by the water while Ziggy sniffed dogs’ butts and rolled around in anything smelly. It was glorious.
Now come visit me, guys! What are your waiting for?!


  1. I know that feeling well! It's easy to feel guilty if you're not outside enjoying the weather, just because you understand the amazingness of having such incredible weather nonstop! People who grew up there take it for granted.

  2. I loved my visit LAST YEAR (ah, those chilly SF days) and can't wait for the next one. Miss you and Ziggy-love!

  3. I know the entire post I just read renders this question kind of moot, but what's the best time for a visit? Asking for a friend. Of yours. Me. I'm asking for me because I want to come visit.

  4. I love that fabric on the dress - seems like a beautiful texture. The belle sleeves added the right dose of drama to the look!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  5. I'm so jealous! Right now it's grey and rainy with 5 minutes of sun sprinkled here and there every single day... Summer couldn't get here fast enough!

  6. This dress is gorgeous! I love the texture and shape of it so much!
    Kyah /


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