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Weekend Hikes & Such

I did a lot of Bay Area exploring this weekend, which I always consider a win. There are so many parks, trails, lakes, gardens and beaches here. It’s ridiculous. I’m pretty sure you could live here your entire life and never hike every trail there is to hike, but I’m going to try anyway. 
Friday I got crazy cooking some butternut squash soup and hotdogs before successfully finishing “Love” on Netflix, which is weird, inappropriate and awesome, in case you were wondering.
The best thing about living with two other humans is that sometimes when all you want to do is watch a Netflix original series on the couch on a Friday night, they do it with you and you feel much less like a lazy POS. Remember when Ziggy was my only lazy weekend companion? It had its own benefits (like not having to share the couch, per se), but overall this situation better suits the 30% extrovert in me.
On Saturday, Ziggy, the boyf and I made our way to San Francisco to play on Ocean Beach and watch the sunset at Corona Heights.
Sunday we took Ziggy on an 8ish mile hike/run in Richmond at Wildcat Canyon Regional Preserve - dogs are allowed off-leash, which is great, but there are tons of cows which means if you have a little butthead dog like mine, you’re most likely going to be hauling a dog covered in manure home with you.
If I offer you a ride anywhere in the near future, I will not blame you if you respectfully decline. If you follow on Snapchat (marymackensie), you got to see the Sausage Dog legit covered in shit. You’re welcome, folks. I just aim to please.
So that was my Sober Sally, Whole30-approved weekend.
What did you get into this weekend?


  1. Oh Sober Sally, you have so much fun. Sally, Rose and MacKensie are all babes. Ziggy, too!

  2. I love your pictures!! If I were there, I would totally try to hike every single trail as well!

  3. My dog would love to go there! However, I think she might chase the cows because true to form, she's a cattle dog! I can't wait to do more hikes and runs with her when the weather starts to get nicer over here on the East coast.


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