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Skiing in Tahoe

This weekend I found myself on top of a mountain again. Not only did I cross, “second ever skiing experience,” off the old life list, but I also crossed off, “sweat your arse off in snow pants,” as well. I went to Tahoe to celebrate the boyfriend’s dirty 30, and it was 50 degrees and sunny despite the snow all over the place. I actually made it down the slope twice in a row without falling, and then accidentally went the wrong way, which led me to a blue instead of green path. Cue a minor case of whiplash after landing directly onto my helmet-clad head. One more tumble after that and I was donezo. But still! Two whole runs without a fall. That’s a win in my book.

You know what else is a win? Staying in an Airbnb that has an attic that doubles as a rock climbing gym. The house was rad - which you already know if you follow along on Snapchat (@marymackensie) - and my dog REALLY wanted to go up into the attic by way of a legit ladder, which was also documented on Snapchattaroo. Besides that, I fell asleep before 10pm for the past three nights. Woops. You’d think I was the one who just passed into my third decade..

How was your weekend?

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  1. the rock gym in your air bnb was pretty awesome. I want to find a fun place like that to stay!


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