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I confess..

This cute cluster of ladybugs was found on a hike at Redwood Regional Park, and it blew my mind. If you find yourself in the East Bay in the next few weeks, go and tell the ladybugs I said hello!

And now for confessions:

+I got blood drawn on Monday, and for the first time ever I didn’t pass out! WIN!

+But the nurse did not allow me to take off my jeans, boots or giant sweater before stepping on the scale.. woof.

+My neck is still sore from landing on my head while trying to ski in Tahoe.

+I just discovered audio books. Well, my mom has loved them for years, but I listened to “Yes, Please” written and read by Amy Poehler and it was, in a word, amaze-balls. I finished it in < a week.

+I also finished reading “Attachments” in about a week. Rainbow Rowell has my heart, especially because she creates Spotify playlists for all her characters..

+I can’t stop watching the show “About A Boy” on Netflix. David Walton is the cutest.

+I got a PINCHme package in the mail, which never happens because I’m lazy, and I finally shaved my legs after about a week (because again, lazy) so my legs were itchy. I grabbed the lotion that came in the box and lathered it all over before realizing it was actually body wash and made my legs 10x more itchy. The boyf got a kick out of that one.

+Tonight (around 7pm PT) I’m hosting a giveaway for $200 to Sephora, Forever21 or Victoria’s Secret on Instagram. I’m nervous because I’ve never done an IG giveaway, so go enter here, please!

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  1. Those ladybugs are almost as sweet as you. Get in there with the giveaway, you've got this! :)

  2. I also love audiobooks! I "read" Bossypants while on vacation a few months ago (aka, could leave my eyes closed on a plane but could still feel productive)!
    Robin | robineylea.com

  3. Oh girl...I know your needle fear pains. The last time I had blood drawn (read, passed out and felt deathly for a day) has put such fear in me now that I literally hung up on a phone call to the doctor on Tuesday because I knew the resulting appointment would include bloodwork. There has to be some way to get over that, right?

  4. I LOVED About a Boy! It's a Jason Katims show and I really think he can do no wrong.

  5. I had no idea she made Spotify playlsits for all her characters. That's really cool!


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