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Weekend Hike

This weekend I did several photo shoots with the amazing Bex (woo hoo, get excited!), baked some chocolate chip cookies, ate some incredible food at Hopscotch in Oakland, watched a lot of "How I Met Your Mother" and hiked Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve in Berkeley. It was WAY steeper than Yelp would have me think, but Ziggy took it like a champ as Chad and I crawled up the incline. Oh, and Chad swung off the cliff, of course. If you're looking for a good, quick, dog-friendly workout with gorgeous views, I highly recommend it.

How was your weekend? Anyone else ready for Turkey Day celebrations?


  1. I miss you and I miss that West Coast elevation! Keep taking more gorgeous hikes for me, please!

  2. Wait a minute, there are Yelp pages for hiking spots? I am so behind the times. Looks like a gorgeous hike!

  3. That looks like such a fun hike! Glad you were able to get outside and enjoy the weather -- the weather here is absolutely dreary!

  4. That looks amazing! Remind me to do this one day.

  5. Beautiful photos, looks like a fantastic walk with such beautiful weather! Sounds like a perfect weekend all up, I'm jealous!

    Kyah - www.weekendtempo.com


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