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5 Game-Changing Webinars for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

Friends, there are SO many resources out there for bloggers these days. No joke. They’re just floating around the interwebz waiting to be picked by us hungry content creators/marketers/entrepreneurs. Last month, one of my goals was to watch two online webinars and this month I went HAM by watching almost a dozen of them and there’s no sign of stopping. Some of them have definitely felt more helpful than others, so I decided to round up some of the most helpful ones thus far for you to feast upon. Maybe you have a long plane ride home for the holidays and you’re in between novels, turn this downtime into a learning spree instead of a TV binge watching session (there will be plenty of time for that once you get home, eat ALL the things and lay on the couch with your siblings all night).
One to Nothin': Top 5 Webinars for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

Here are my top 5 webinars/courses/tutorials for bloggers:

1. TBAB (The Blog Audience Blueprint) by The Nectar Collective - This 6-day course is super easy to take in and really implement as a new lesson goes straight to your inbox each day for six days. Big long chunks of information can be intimidating sometimes, and this approach takes the impulse to give up, grab some pizza, watch PLL for the rest of the night and forget about the course forever right out of the equation. Melyssa is a content creating genius and she goes over everything from defining your brand and your audience to starting and rapidly growing your email list.
Sign up here.

2. Squarespace Tutorial by Megan Minns - This gal generously goes through every single step of creating a Squarespace site and all the features it’s capable of. I was totally unfamiliar with the platform and by the end of this tutorial, I was ready to switch over from Blogger (but I chickened out). Any of you guys already using Squarespace? Did you switch over from Blogger? What are your thoughts on broken links? That’s the issue holding me back the most. Watch the tutorial here.

3. How to Build A Successful Blog by Helene in Between - Helene has been on a roll teaching us bloggers (especially those of us without a defined niche) how to make our hard work profitable. This is another email course (yay!), and I’ve already gathered some useful information from the first couple of lessons. Sign up for the course here.

4. Best Ways to Create Passive Income as a Freelancer/Blogger by xo Sarah and Mariah Coz - These are two badass ladies who know what’s up. They show you how to create revenue streams that are truly automated, meaning you get to make money while you’re sleeping (and yes, I know I sound like a sleezy saleswoman, but I’m fo real, yo). Of course I haven’t launched any ebooks or ecourses of my own, but after watching this I feel far more confident that perhaps one day I could do it confidently. Sign up for the replay here.

5. LeadPages Webinar by Tim Paige - I didn’t know anything about LeadPages before watching a joint webinar between Tim and Melyssa Griffin (TNC), and now I feel like I could increase anyone’s email list by a bajillion. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but Tim is a great speaker and this webinar was incredibly informative (not a snooze-fest). This is not the exact lesson I watched (it was only available for a limited time) but I imagine this one has very similar sentiments. Sign up here.

Have you tried any of these webinars? What are your faves that I missed? Please let me know in the comments!

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