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10 Reasons Why Spotify is the Best Thing Ever

I am a dedicated Spotify user, guys. I'm not ashamed. I wasn't even tempted by the Apple Music fruit, and since I'm obsessed (and Premium is only $10/month), I figured I would let you guys in on why Spotify is pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me. Sorry if you disagree, Taylor. I still love you and you're still rich, so. Y'know.

Note: I'm not getting paid for this, but Spotify is more than welcome to send me some monies. I'm certainly not anti-monies.

1. Offline Mode - If you’re about to be in a plane for six hours but you need music that isn’t from your high school iTunes collection, you can set your playlist to offline mode. They’ll be there for you when your phone is in airplane mode and they’ll squeeze your hand when the turbulence starts to kick in.

2. New Music Friday - It used to be New Music Tuesday, but don’t worry folks, the only thing that changed is the day it gets updated. Every Friday an entirely new playlist full of new releases comes out. It’s kind of one of my favorite things about Fridays. Seriously. And in case you’re interested, I generally pick my favorites (it’s a looong playlist) and add them to this list as I go for later exploration.

3. Song Radio - The radio station feature can be based on one particular song you wanted to hear, and it actually PLAYS that one song. Unlike Pandora that’s all, “Oh, you want to hear that song? HERE ARE OTHER SONGS INSTEAD.”

4. Share - Did you know you can send songs, albums and playlists to your friends through Spotify? Since it’s integrated with Facebook, any of your Facebook friends (whether they are active on Spotify or not) are fair game. If you add me on FB, be warned that I’ll probably send you a song that made me think of you at some point in time. You may not actually think to check your inbox until 6 months later, but that just makes it all the more exciting.

5. Follow - I follow Rainbow Rowell, the author of "Elanor & Park," on Spotify and she created a playlist specifically to go along with her book. How freakin' cool is that? #lifegoals You can follow all kinds of celebrities, friends with good taste or even just save their public playlists that you love.

6. Judge Your Friends - Your Spotify friends likely figured out how to hide their music listening habits from Facebook long ago (aka the reason I waited as long as I did to jump on the Spotify train -- no one on FB needs to know I'm listening to Shakira over and over again at 9am, okay?), but they can't hide from their friends. I love looking at the scrolling side bar and seeing my bro-friends rockin' out to Missy Elliott. Get yo freak on, bruh.

7. Spotify Live Sessions - If you're obsessed with live music, like myself, you'll definitely enjoy the Spotify live sessions where artists play intimate, acoustic concerts exclusively for the platform. When I hear Nate Ruess singing Springteen into my ear holes, all is right in the world (even when it's really, really not).

8. Variety - Spotify boasts 30 million songs, you guys. That's a lot of songs. Just because you can't listen to The Beatles or Taylor Swift, doesn't mean you couldn't listen to a brand new album every hour for the rest of you life without a repeat. #hatersgonnahatehatehate

9. Genre Playlists - There are people on staff whose sole job is to create Spotify playlists. Seriously. How do I get this job? If you have any connections or insights into professional playlist making, please do hook a sister up. Anyway, if you're looking for viral hits, they got you. If you're looking for happy indie or hipster indie or hip-hop that's almost not hip-hop or acoustic covers,  they've got it ALL there waiting for you to press play.

10. Mobile - The mobile platform is pretty rad. One cool thing that it can do (that for some reason the desktop version doesn't seem to allow) is playing all your inbox songs in a row. Since I like to send people random songs on the reg, some people return the favor and it's pretty fun listening to all the songs that people heard, thought of you and sent over all in a row. It's like a little ear hug. Okay, I'm done.

Spotify rocks. Just pay for it. Commercials blow, and if you try to make me listen to them, I will log in to my account on your computer/phone/device. You've been warned.

Anyone have experience with Apple Music? Rdio? Pandora? What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm a HUGE Spotify fan- seriously one of the best purchases I've ever made.

    Emma | Seeking the South

  2. YES to all of these! My boyfriend got me hooked and now I can't give it up. I LOVE the offline feature and I also really enjoy the Discover Weekly playlists they provide. If you haven't tried that yet I highly recommend it!

  3. Completely agree. It is so, SO worth the $10/month for me. I use it for running and have about 10,000 playlists for that, I download comedy albums for long trips (or to help me fall asleep, it's weird but it works for me), I use it to build yoga playlists, collaborative playlists are perfect for parties, and it has helped me discover more new music than pretty much anything. Also, piano tunes when I'm working = perfection. I too heart Spotify. Quite passionately, judging by the length of this comment.


    this is not good. however i also love Spotify so thank you for writing this. words taken right out of my mouth.

  5. I feel like Spotify is a standard that should be set amongst peers. Oh you don't spotify? #byefelicia
    It's totally worth my $10 a month.

  6. I used to use (lol) Apple Music for approximately 3 years. I bought Spotify Premium 3 days ago and MY LIFE HAS CHANGED TO THE BETTER WAY. I started feeling so happy. It was the best decision in my life that I ever did. Usability obviously became higher, much higher in comparison to Apple Music.

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