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Night Of Writing Dangerously + Cherub Concert

You guys have totally missed the weekend recaps, haven't you? I could see it in your eyes. This weekend I did some cool stuff (and photographed a surprisingly small amount of it), so obviously you need to know about it. Friday night I went to bed around 9pm after watching "Little Miss Sunshine" and reveling in my old lady status. Saturday consisted of about 17 different photo shoots, including a fun makeover sesh up there with my new e.l.f. cosmetics (#playbeautifully) and even a little video shoot with Bex before going to see Cherub with a bunch of fine ladies at the Fox Theater in Oakland. In case you were wondering, there were doses and mimosas, but mostly just vodka. Those are some weird dudes, y'all. The highlight of the weekend, however, was a rad little event called "Night of Writing Dangerously" for NANOWRIMO 2015. In case you haven't heard, November is national novel writing month and since I decided the world needs to hear my story, I am participating. Sunday night, this sweet organization put on a write-a-thon event in San Francisco. It took place in a gorgeous ballroom at the top of the Merchants Exchange Building and all night long we ate delicious food, drank novel-themed cocktails, ate all the candy from the candy bar and tried to write as many words as we possibly could. Basically I got to hang out with a bunch of awesome, creative people and feel like a real life author for six hours. I'd call that a win.

How was your weekend?


  1. Ahhh I wanted to do NaNoWriMo so badly this year but then November sneaked up on me so I didn't. That sounds like a fantastic night, though! I saw your Cherub snapchats. . . it looked like an interestin gconcert for sure!

  2. Lady your life is so exciting! I'm feeling a tad jealous about the free e.l.f. makeup!

    Looks like a great weekend :D

  3. Ahhh I would love to see Cherub live! I can just imagine what a party that was!

  4. I love elf products!

    The "Night of Writing Dangerously" sounds amazing! I could imagine it'd be exhilarating to really feel like you're truly doing something professional of a sort and being surrounded and therefore recognized as a writer/author. One day I'll remember that I really need to do NaNoWriMo!

    Kyah -


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