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What I Wore

Dress: Target / Heels: Target / Necklace c/o Happiness Boutique

You would think Target was paying me to wear their clothes as often as they appear around here. Unfortunately they're not, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing these shoes constantly or from snatching up a dress every time I walk in. The obsession is real and it needs to stop. I can't handle the cliche of it all. The first time I wore this dress? Brunch. I'm just too white

I sauntered around the Stanford campus in this getup while snapping photos on Saturday and this necklace was the star of the show. The Happiness Boutique sent me this little pretty and while they go around spreading love to strangers with random acts of kindness, I spread my arms out as I strut down a corridor of arches with random acts of basic-ness. I kid, but how cute is this video? I love when a company makes cute things and does cute things. 

Check out the rest of their statement necklaces here and hop on that free shipping and customer reward program because it's Wednesday, and why not?

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  1. Okay i love how you had the statue hold the necklace lol! thats so awesome!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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